Broken Vessel/ Human Condition by Zerah #ArtTherapy

1) Broken Vessel

I was a broken vase
Scattered all around like debris
Each piece piercing through the skins and feet of men
I tried to piece myself all up
But all I got was a parched up vase
At the mercy of being broken again.

I tried all I could to get me fixed up
But all I got was another pile of mess
Tired and tried
I proposed in my heart to seek help
But where do I go from here?

I found solace with the Oceans
The cadence of the vast sea
The sweet sound of the nightingale
Stirred a restless desire that engulfed me
It became my dwelling place.

A day came
My secret hideout became a shared territory
She- a total stranger
Looked at me and said
"Let me tell you my story...."

....I was a volcano
Ready to erupt at the slightest touch
All I touched turned soar
While all I ever wanted
Was to be heard and held
Why was it so difficult?

I drove on a pedal of anger
Swerved down the lane of hate
Till my destination became that of a lone ranger

Like you, the ocean became my companion, she said
Until I got saved by a Gab
Gab who also was fond of the Oceans
Saw me in my dejected state
Took me in on the journey of mending brokenness
Deep down I felt Gab was just like every other
Exploiting on my weak links and Vulnerability
But he proved me wrong
He saw beyond my flaws
Told me stories about flawed men-
Peter, despite been rash and impulsive
Became a "rock" in the hands of Abba
Moses, who by instinct supported his tribe
And killed another
Ended up becoming a deliverer

That, she said to me was the beginning of her wholeness
A broken Vessel in the hands of a potter
Can become a magnificent edifice
I needed that fix
She held me gently
And with a sparkling diamond smile
She said to me, "stop fighting you"
Yield you to him who made you
The Lord is your Shepherd...You have all you need.
Saved to save.


2) Human Condition

I fear that my strength may fail
So I rely on yours to scale

I fear that my definition of love may drown
So I swim in the definition of yours
Flapping my feet daily in the pool of your presence.

I fear that I may pursue fame
Playing the game to stardom
So I "follow that you may make"

I fear for the many voices
Brooding over like the sound of bees
So I retreat to lick the honey of your words

I fear for the societal turbulence
Raging like a fiery storm
So I bask in your peace that surpasses common sense

It's the ~human~ heart _condition

Zerah ♡

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