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A Word For The African Child.

Yesterday, was the 16th of June, a day the African Union and its Member States observe #TheDayofTheAfrican Child (DAC) as a commemoration of the 16th June 1976 student uprising in Soweto, South Africa, where students who marched in protest against apartheid-inspired education, were brutally murdered. It made me ponder my experiences, growing up as a brown girl in a nation where imported cultures, Education, political systems and societal norms are constantly at loggerheads with the core cultures and values of Africa. I thought about the mixtures that have caused a deep set identity crisis in the heart of the average African Child. It's funny how we are conditioned by Western education, seek out occupations that tally with those expectations and feel unlucky or dumb when the desire to be who we really are, rejects the social conditions we are born into. Dear African child, you need not be depressed because your bones grew too thick for the norms. You don't have to be downcast b…

Broken Vessel/ Human Condition by Zerah #ArtTherapy

1) Broken Vessel
I was a broken vase
Scattered all around like debris
Each piece piercing through the skins and feet of men
I tried to piece myself all up
But all I got was a parched up vase
At the mercy of being broken again.

I tried all I could to get me fixed up
But all I got was another pile of mess
Tired and tried
I proposed in my heart to seek help
But where do I go from here?

I found solace with the Oceans
The cadence of the vast sea
The sweet sound of the nightingale
Stirred a restless desire that engulfed me
It became my dwelling place.

A day came
My secret hideout became a shared territory
She- a total stranger
Looked at me and said
"Let me tell you my story...."

....I was a volcano
Ready to erupt at the slightest touch
All I touched turned soar
While all I ever wanted
Was to be heard and held
Why was it so difficult?

I drove on a pedal of anger
Swerved down the lane of hate
Till my destination became that of a lone ranger

Like you, the ocean became my companion, she said
Until I got saved by a G…

When Everything Feels Dark: Mental Health Awareness


When everything seems dark around me, I reach for the light  I don't know how but I try  To find a joke here and there, a person to smile at.
I can't say for sure that these things help my plight. I just know that at least for a little while, in those moments, I stop seeing myself so much
It's a slight relief to focus on other things, on other people.  It gets exhausting.  I don't know how much longer I can keep up with it to be fair.
But what I do know is, today. Today I called a friend who I often wondered why they dont call me. 
And I laughed at a joke on Instagram. It wasn't much but atleast, the burden wasn't on me for a few Minutes. 
It wasn't on me