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Dear Silent One: Difficult Conversations, How to have them and Why This Could Save Your Life

Relationships of all kinds require a good level of human interaction. This inevitable fact of life means that where there are great memories from meaningful interaction, there is an equal part possibility of having a misunderstanding.  Communication that is clear and honest is very important if we are to have healthy relationships and I understand you might find it difficult to communicate how you feel for whatever reason but being avoidant does not solve the issues either.  So,  Today I pray you find the courage you need to tell yourself,
"I am not too tired or weak to have the difficult  but very important conversations that need to be had"
I can tell you first hand how much damage avoidant behaviour to situations and people that upset you, can do to your mind and all round productivity. Keeping quiet in uncomfortable situations because you don't want to be seen as a trouble maker is a high form of self betrayal. If you ignore the obvious long enough, you will find your…