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How my cousins redefined fun for me in 264 words #Hearmetoo

Photo credit: Levi Gusman  Unsplash                                   ***My twin cousins Grace, and Sheila always came home during the holidays. Sometimes their mother would drop them off to live with us when she travelled.We played and had a lot of fun together, at a point the fun got more exciting, or so I thought. Grace would randomly call me to my room and take off my clothes, she would say "you would love it Dave."It really felt cool at first, having her fiddle with my male organ, while I rub her breasts. Eventually, it got to a point where she had me under her and did all manner of stuffs with me. Sheila found out and joined in too, it became a habit when ever they came around. I started running temperature, but couldn't tell my mom about it because they told me it was what cousins do and I believed them. I was ten and they were both fifteen. Years have gone by and today I'm a full grown man, I struggled with being in relationships in my early adult…

Twice Bitten : Of Shame, Incest and an Age Old Cleansing Ritual In 656 words #HearMeToo

It was shame that escorted me to my uncles house in Orlu during my mock exams at age fifteen. Shame dragged my family name before my eyes as my mother mopped soiled wrappers full of my blood from her bedroom floor after a rape and abortion gone sour. What I desperately tried to hide.
Me, a girl in school, it was shame that made me swear before God and man that the reason why I was using sanitary pads from June to July, face flushed from excess bleeding was because of my monthly period. Yes, it was my period and anybody who dared to whisper or even think otherwise was deluded, such a person was simply begging for it, ohh I had lots of burning rage to give on the matter. So when my aunt in Owerri got tired of asking me if I was pregnant or plagued by an unknown sickness that was draining color from my face down to my finger tips, and I would impulsively show her the evidence of my innocence in a soaked up pad I had changed five times already that day, she spoke to her husband in hushed…