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She Wants To Be Free - Musings of Love to her not so distant self.

It is when you start to love yourself  that he would remember to love you. With every single time that ticks he wants to be a part of this miracle of lights dancing in your eyes.
He would want to steal the words from your lips before you say... and watch your breath dance off of his tongue as he gropes you, kissing you, hoping that some how those tight knit pieces of you will fall through his throat, into him again, just like before.
When you count your ribs and find them complete, this man will lung to be your completeness. He will be stunned to find you full yet he will try, to be your pressed down, arms against bed posts, thighs shaking together, juices running over.
Yes darling, your wholeness is alluring, inducing cravings in this man who always saw right through you, whose frequency was never fast enough to catch you tangible, warm and strong.
When he sees you for the first time in a long time you will grapple with the though of having sojourned far away to a beautiful place, a…