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*Tick tock tick tock*

Screaming at the top of his voice he dashes off  slamming the door against her face
Weeping profusely she holds her nighties to wipe her tears
With heavy heart and untainted soul she crawled to the kitchen to perform "mandatory rites"

Coercive voices ride speedily into the compound to  call this trembling knees
Shaking body peeping through the blinds looking to God for a fair day

Aggressive feet hopping into the house screaming "where is that stupid woman?"

As she rushes to embrace snubbing body

OH what a world "please... save me,God" she whispers

He settles down to take a bite of sweat and love, the day's work.  He opens the plate and right on cue, he empties its  on content her now frail body

"What is this?" He screams, "I want my yam fried and not boiled get that into your thick skull!"

Walking on the stairs crying she slips down, stairs, she trips down, laying in the pool of her own blood, on the ground
She's gone in peace? She's gone!


With warm kisses he beckons on her to have  warm tea with sandwiches made for a Queen

She hisses and screams at the top of her voice "how dare you interrupt my beauty sleep"

Walking out of the room for a breath of fresh air in the garden, he breathes in rejection. It's fresh

"Come to me my darling I need you" he calls
Hurriedly she rushes to have a bathe for the days work
Leaving the poor soul longing for attention

Exhausted she manages to slide Into the living room
Passed out on the couch he walks in and takes her to the bed room helping her undress

Standing aloof shaking his head
Leaving her all to herself to enjoy her own company and have her space forever

Please hang on my queen my love
OH! how I missed the chance to show her how I really feel
How I wish she knew I never meant all I did to her

 Please stay by me my king to see how truly I care about you
Please give me one more chance and you will never regret it

Too late! Time and chance measures our motives
Let us learn to appreciate ourselves and love while we still can.

Naked poetry by
Patience Ajimokunola

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