I'm Sorry #Arttherapy

I'm sorry for running away when you throw these darts
I'm sorry for trying to protect my own heart
I'm sorry that I have not learnt the art
Of laying ajar while you pound me apart
I'm sorry it's hard for you to break me from the start

I'm sorry I could not decide my own fate
Sorry I inevitably came in through your gate
I'm sorry I could not say wait
Sorry I couldn't push away the hate

I'm sorry my eyes blaze instead of water
I'm sorry my ears are averse to banter
I'm sorry I haven't met up to your quota
Sorry I couldn't help being his daughter

I'm sorry these doors always seem to slam shut
Sorry the pitch of your voice isn't deep enough to drown hurt
Sorry I share with you all I've got
Sorry the bad outweighs the good I've brought

If these walls could talk
They'd tell you how sorry I am
For trying to be a woman
The woman you are not

Dedicated to all those who care for domestic abuse victims/survivors.

You too can thrive. 


  1. I am sorry for every act of GBV people go through, and I sincerely hope this mission blazes a trail that leads to liberation! #Jisike #Jisike247


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