UN Women Interactive InfoGraphics: Know The Facts about GBV and Violence Against Women and Girls. #HearMeToo #ItIsEnough

UNwomen.org: violence against women interractive Infographic

   All the real stories Ozugo tells about Gender Based Violence and why individuals, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the public and private sector, international bodies, media, health organisations, and the government need to all work hand in hand to eliminate this pandemic from our communities, cannot be fully understood until we are deliberate about understanding what these forms of violence are and what the various people groups need to do in order to contribute to the fight against Gender Based Violence.

In this Infographic Eduserie, UN women.org gives an interactive awareness prompt to help us understand what Gender Based Violence in the form of Violence against women is really all about.

Find UNWomen Interactive Infographic Here.

Understanding the damage Gender based Violence does to individuals psychologically, physically, emotionally, socially, exposes us to the real dangers that will inevitably be prevalent in our communities and in the world at large if we do not contribute to the fight against Gender Based Violence.

World health organisation statistics of violence against women 2014

If we do not know the facts, we will never understand why the stories must be told and why we must take action.

Find UNWomen Interactive Infographic Here.


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